Why Reclass?

Reclassing a student is a way to give a student or athlete an additional year to mature academically and athletically before starting high school. This extra year to develop could be the difference of being and average student or athlete to being a great student and athlete. The difference in earning an academic or athletic scholarship. It's an investment into your child's future and a great way for them to reach their goals.

What is reclassing ?

Reclassification, or reclassing, means to change a student's graduation year . Example , a child born in 2008 and normally the high school graduation year is 2026 (Class of 2026). If the child gets reclassed, his or her graduation year would change to 2027, (Class of 2027). The child has 4 years as a student-athlete to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities. By reclassing prior to 9th grade, the student has not entered high school so it suspends the 4-year clock by one year. Students if they are doing well academically and athletically can reclass back to their original grade.

To those that do not fully understand the benefit reclassifying seems taboo but it is not. Reclassifying is not new and has been going on for years. Terms such as a gap year is the same as reclassifying or enrolling a child in kindergarten at 6 rather than 5, was and is reclassing.

Reasons to reclass ?


Some students have always been the youngest competing academically and athletically at a physically and maturity disadvantage. Especially those born between April and October. Reclassifying allows the student -athlete to be older rather than the youngest.


Reclassing allows a student to retake their 8th grade classes to retain the information before moving on to high school or take 9th grade classes and get a head. College scholarships and Financial Aid are based on the first 3 years of high schools so it's very important that as freshman the student obtains at least a 3.5. Reclassing after 8th grade, the student has already received his or certification to enter 9th grade so grades are not as important as understanding and knowing how to apply curriculum. Students can have individualized curriculums to fit their needs and goals.


Students have the ability to sports train which should help them to become bigger, stronger faster and be a better athlete. Being older and more athletic will put the child in position to succeed on the field or on the court. With your child becoming a better player, this will increase his or her chance of going to a private school high school, playing at a higher level and increasing the odds of a collegiate scholarship.

School Choices.

As your child improves both academically and athletically, different schools become available for your child. You and your child can apply for programs such as A Better Chance (Boarding Schools), or the many private high schools in the state. You have a year to negotiate and get the best offer for your child other than simply sending them to the local high school. Your local High School may be the best choice but it's good to have options.

Reclassing at Prestige Prep Academy

Prestige Prep Academic Academy

Prestige Prep Academy has created a very affordable and unique Academic -Athlete Program. . We understand the times and how important it is to put your child in the right environment to succeed.

Prestige Prep has partnered with American High School, to structure individualized classes to meet your child's academic needs. The goal is to get them ready to succeed at the High School Level. American High School offers more than 50 different courses all available to your child.

Prestige Prep Sports Academy

Prestige Prep has Certified Sports trainers that will push and get them ready to compete at the high school level. The trainers will develop individual workouts, depending on body types and athletic goals. Most school days, 90 minutes are allocated for training. Nutrition and Sleep will also be discussed.

Prestige Prep Language Academy:

As the world becomes more connected through the internet, speaking a second and a third language creates career opportunities. American High School has languages in their curriculum but students at Prestige Prep Language Academy are also able to learn through the leading language learning company Babbel. We plan to allocate 30 to 45 minutes a day to speaking second or third language. Learning other Languages can help increase SAT scores.

Prestige Prep Entrepreneurial Academy

Prestige Prep has partnered with Ecomm Village to help its students develop an online business . Part of your tuition will go towards your child having their own sports store website. Students will build and online presence and learn how to monetize their social media accounts through affiliate marketing and drop shipping. We will also help them establish their own businesses.

School Location and School Hours

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School Hours

8:30 am to 3pm

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